About Kiss My Pride Apparel

The mission of Kiss My Pride Apparel is to encourage self-love, self-respect and authentic self-expression in LGBTQ+ individuals and to celebrate of LGBTQ+ culture and community though clothing and accessories

We at Kiss My Pride have learned by living that life molds itself around our inner state of being.  We believe that instead of waiting for external acceptance, we need to accept, love and express ourselves authentically. As we do our self-esteem raises and we value ourselves more and we don't attract or allow people in our experience that offer us less that we give ourselves.

Our Motto is simple: BE YOU, LOVE YOU

We want those who wear our designs or use our accessories to do so feeling wholly accepted, loved and empowered to be who they are. 

And tell everyone who doesn't like it to "Kiss My Pride".


10% of each quarters profits will be donated to an LGBTQIA affirming non-profit organization that promotes representation and acceptance of our diverse community!